5 Crucial Steps to Understanding Love

5 Crucial Steps to Understanding Love

5 Crucial Steps to Understanding Love

So, you are lying in bed at night, and your brain is ticking over, as it usually does before you sleep. Where do your thoughts tend to wonder? The tasks of tomorrow? Excitement for what is to come? Possibly regrets of your past. Maybe the worries and stress of the day have creeped in to lay with you.

Are you content with where you have been and where you are going?

Quite frankly, negative feelings - worry, sadness and anger - have been rising around the world by 27% from 2010 to 2018.
Though we are so advanced in terms of technology it seems our ability to be happy is depleting.

One word. LOVE.

And I'm not talking about some highschool crush, that sends butterfllies flitting through your stomach. But a love that is so pure and infectious that not only are you connected to a happier sense of yourself, but it is extremely contagious in the best way possible, that you can't help, but help others. 

In today's world we are accustomed to the rat race. Where life hardly seems to exist beyond ourselves. Our capability to love is where the journey must begin.

So...what exactly is love? 

Let's scratch the surface to begin to understand love...

1. Using Patience 

Now I don't have to hold a grand reveal for the positive effects of this virtue. Our sub-conscience, or if you are more advanced, your conscience, recognises the importance of exercising patience. 

Nueroscientists (a fancy word for people that study the brain), have measured the effect of patience. Turns out when using patience, your brains imagination activity is increased. It was also found that patience is discovered in parts of the brain that are linked to will power. 

So next time you feel the frustration is beginning to boil, try practicing a bit of patience, and note the difference.

2. Acting with Kindness

The imprint you will have on others may not be instantly recognised, and at timess people will view your actions as weakness (a lie that we have heard at some point or another.) But the inner work is where the true magic shines.

Kindness is basically a massive concotion of goodness, that can possibly can put the health and beauty industry out of business...possibly. 

Forget the wrinkle creams, showing kindness lowers stress levels, in turn slowing down the aging process. Pain? Kindess can be a kick starter to our natural pain relief. Kindness can result in lower blood pressure, all due to the chemical reactions going on in your brain when showing kindness.

Like I said, a concotion of goodness. 

3. Love is NOT Jealous

"The Green-eyed Monster." Anything that has been granted that title is something I personally would want to stay clear of. Yet today we find that its claws are latched from the shadows, its menacing eye discretely peeping from our shoulders more than we care to admit. 

Jealousy causes a destructive state of mind, resulting in feelings of bitterness, broken relationships and prolonged depression.

The fruits of jealousy are rotten, where love is quite the opposite. Shedding light on what love is not, will enlighten you of the true characteristics of what love is.

4. Remaining Humble

We have all been victim to the loudmouth, attention seeking person that can only seem to function when in the spotlight. The louder they are and more they share, the less attentive the crowd becomes. Not only are they losing the interest and trust of others, but also, they are wasting valuable energy on a dead cause. 

It really is a lose, lose situation

Bragging or boasting is a form of insecurity. The noise braggers make is purposed to distract people away from their true feelings. Possibly feelings of self-doubt, dishonesty and being inferior. Even though people think that by "talking up" all their good deeds and traits, they will hide the ugly bits, it does quite the oppisite. 

Therefore, displaying how Love is humble.

5. Love Never Fails 

Love has many components, far more than covered here. Though there are many elements to love, steer away from thinkng it is a complex value. Every day we run into troubles and uncomfortable situations, yet they all have the same solution. That is to simply lead with love. 

As you begin to uncover more truth in your journey of love, you will discover how great an impact it will have not only on you but the world around you. Applying the principles of love will without a doubt display how love truly never fails. 

"Love is a positive quality. Love will empower you. Sharing love will empower others. " - Alex Tuira


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