3 Instant Benefits You Gain When using Patience

3 Instant Benefits You Gain When using Patience

3 Instant Benefits You Gain When using Patience

Patience and Business, a dynamic duo


Business is not all numbers and deals…well good business is not.  

I am sure that you have experienced an impatient, frustrated boss, and can remember how it felt to be around them.  

You can never receive the best from someone that feels undervalued and disrespected.  Loyalty and respect are void and tensions begin to stir between people.  

An easy solution…show some patience.  

Listed are 3 instant benefits that patience offers in your journey to empowerment 


1. Respected by Many

Patience increases your ability to be real. Meeting a real, genuine person is often a breath of fresh air today. Finding someone that takes the time to truly understand where you are coming from is like striking gold. By approaching others this way, you will gain their respect because you first, showed patience and respected them.  

2. Slow to Anger 

Has something good ever come from anger? More than likely the answer is no. When two heated people are going back and forth it really is a waste of energy on both parts. We understand that you may be done wrongly, but to react out of anger will instantly increase stress levels, possibly causing you to make a bad decision you can never take back. Take a moment, use patience and see what better solutions you can conjure up.  


3. Saved from Embarrassment

Ever felt the shame when you have jumped to conclusions far too quickly, and like a dog had to walk with your tail between your legs, after soon realising how wrong you were. It is an uncomfortable situation that takes a lot of time to come back from. Making assumptions, accusations and decisions based off half-truth’s, is a grave mistake. A mistake that could simply have been avoided if a bit of patience was used right from the beginning.  


Patience is a virtue, and so it should be as it is a tough skill to master. As tough as it may seem, it is a crucial tool to have in your belt when it comes to business. We have only dipped our toes in understanding the importance and benefits of using patience. Dive deeper in learning how patience is of great significance on your journey of empowerment.