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Introducing Alex Tuira

Tēnā koutou katoa, my name is Alexander Tuira.
I have a wonderful and supportive family who fill my life with love, laughter and purpose.
I am a business and personal finance mentor and strategist who thrives on seeing others succeed.
I have had the privilege of being trained by some of the most extraordinary masters in the finance and business world and I now look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise with you.

Programs Alex has completed:

Robert Kiyosaki

  • "Four Day Intensive Workshop. Sydney"
  • "Personally Coached in Real Estate investing"
  • "How to Raise Capital"
  • "Personal Coaching Program"

Jordan Belford

  • "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Tony Robbins

  • “Personal Coaching”
  • “Unleash The Power Within”
  • “Business Mastery, Las Vegas”
  • “Mastering Influence”
  • “Lessons in Mastery”

Keith Cunningham

  • “The Keys To Creating Wealth”
  • “The Keys To Getting What You Want”
  • “The Keys To Power Negotiating”
  • “The Keys To Raising Capital”
  • “The Four Day MBA”

Tom Wheelwright

  • “Business and Investment Programme from Pro Vision”

Jay Abraham

  • “Business Core Principles”
  • “Optimisation”
  • “Testing Measurement”
  • “Growth Strategies”
  • “Lifetime Value”
  • “Preemptive Marketing”

Experienced Mentor

Alex has years of experience and guidance from the world's best in a wide range of fields and he personally specialises in the following areas:
One of his greatest secular achievements was having the privilege of working alongside a large network of professionals globally and within New Zealand, utilising these contacts to help families and organisations achieve their investment goals.

He looks forward to working alongside you soon and providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

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